Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Green Room Certification Participants

Callie Mabry and Katie Berner (Larsen)
Anna Arbisi (Farwell)
Maddie Ford (Sustainability House)
Shibo Gao (Farwell)
Prometheu Tyagi (Miller)
Samantha Eilers and Emma Hartmann (Dieseth)
Hannah Fisher (Miller)
Luke Hanson (Ylvi)
Kalyn Roisum (Dieseth)
Shantel Schwarting and Karen Davison (Sustainability House
Kaysie Peterson (Baker Village)
Shaina Landhuis and Angie Gallagher (Farwell)
Megan Hatfield and Marie Brown (Prairie House)
Samantha Ea (Ylvi)
Riley Jamison (Olson)
Robert Ostrem (Miller)
Amanda Johnson (Miller)

Note: These are the participants who have given permission for their names to be publicly listed here.  There are currently a total of 21 Green Certified Rooms.

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